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CourtWatch London

Shape the future of justice in your community

Inspired by successful projects in the US and around the world, we’re bringing CourtWatch to London. What happens in the courts can have a huge impact on the lives of individuals and communities. But many of these decisions happen behind closed doors, where injustice can go unnoticed and unrecorded.

Courtwatching is the practice of observing and documenting what really happens in the courtroom.  By attending court hearings and writing down what they see, volunteer courtwatchers become the eyes and ears of the community. The data they gather helps to hold courts accountable, identify both good and bad practice, and take action to improve the courts.

Our volunteer courtwatchers

CourtWatch London volunteers play an active role in shaping the future of justice.

Courtwatchers observe hearings in the magistrates courts, document what they see, and help expose hidden injustices in our legal system. All volunteers receive comprehensive training on how the courts work and what being a courtwatcher involves.

We are not currently accepting new volunteers. This is so that we can
focus on supporting current courtwatchers, and on preparing for data
analysis and reporting.