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January 13, 2022
Want to build trust in the police? Detain less

Is detaining someone in police custody worth it? The police in England and Wales detained… Read more

October 22, 2021
Altruistic up-tariffing? The pitfalls of more rehabilitative police cautions

“It’s all good sending him to court for every offence he may have committed, but… Read more

May 7, 2021
Prosecuting mental health – accountability or criminalisation?

The government is set to increase the maximum sentence for people who assault emergency workers… Read more

April 9, 2021
Is prosecution counter-productive? New US research says it can be

There is a strong belief that criminal sanctions reduce crime. But a new study from… Read more

March 6, 2021
Tried and tested? New proposals for resolving crime without going to court

The practice of resolving crimes without going to court is in flux. HMICFRS has suggested… Read more

January 12, 2021
Why avoiding prosecution leads to less crime

Deferred prosecution is a slight misnomer since the idea of the programme is never to… Read more

December 1, 2020
Is less more or the same?

It is tempting to think that the only way to stop individuals committing crime is… Read more

November 14, 2020
How to deal with the court backlog – divert rather than arrest

It is hard to think there might be any silver lining to the pandemic. Particularly… Read more

September 18, 2020
The sentencing white paper: tough on crime but tough enough on the causes?

The sentencing white paper – actually called “A Smarter Approach to Sentencing” is a curious… Read more

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