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Ep8: What do victims of crime want?

The justice system often fails the victims it's charged with protecting, what needs to change?
Alexandra Kimmons
22 Sep 2022

So far, we’ve mainly discussed issues relating to people accused of crime. In this episode, we turn the tables and talk about what victims of crime really want.

Hosts Penelope and Rob are joined by Lucy JaffĂ©, Director of the charity Why me? and Darryn Frost, who witnessed the terror attack on London Bridge in 2019 and helped restrain the attacker until police arrived. In the context of the government’s Victim’s Bill – the first of its kind – we discuss the ways in which the justice system fails victims, and what could be done to truly empower people affected by crime, give them a voice in the aftermath, and help resolve the harm they’ve experienced.

Lucy Jaffé @whymeUK
Learn more about Lucy and find out about restorative justice on Why me?’s website here.

Darryn Frost @DarrynFrost
Find out about Darryn’s work supporting men leaving prison here.

Further resources
Read the independent commission into the experience of victims and long term prisoners here.
Read the government’s draft Victims Bill here.

The Transform Justice podcast is hosted by Penelope Gibbs and Rob Allen and produced and edited by Alexandra Kimmons. With thanks to Burges Salmon LLP for use of their space.