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Ep31: Justice in crisis – have we lost sight of the public interest?

Alexandra Kimmons
08 Mar 2024

With prisons projected to hold 94,000 people by March 2025, and new miscarriages of justice emerging each week, it’s clear our justice system is in crisis. In this episode, hosts Penelope and Rob dive deeper into a handful of the biggest issues facing our criminal justice system today.

Penelope talks us through the single justice procedure, recently brought to mainstream attention in the aftermath of the Post Office scandal. She explains exactly how this system works (or rather – doesn’t), how it’s failing vulnerable populations, and what can be done about it.

And with multiple justice bills going through parliament, Rob takes a look at exactly what is causing the prison population to keep rising. Is sentencing getting harsher? And what could the Sentencing Council do about it?

Penelope Gibbs @PenelopeGibbs2

Read Penelope’s insight on the single justice procedure here:


Rob Allen @RobRobAllen

Read Rob’s Transform Justice report ‘The Sentencing Council and criminal justice: leading role or bit part player?’ here:


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Read Tristan Kirk’s most recent coverage on the single justice procedure:


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