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Ep29: From cells to streets – the revolving door of crime and homelessness

Alexandra Kimmons
12 Jan 2024
This episode was recorded in October 2023.

Tens of thousands of people are released from prison each year in England and Wales – but many of them return to the outside world without safe and appropriate housing waiting for them. Some are forced into unsafe living situations, others become homeless, and some may even reoffend in order to return to the relative stability of prison.

In this eye-opening episode, hosts Rob and Penelope are joined by philanthropist and prison reformer Edwina Grosvenor and author, former prisoner and Own Merit co-founder Steve Gallant to discuss how and why the justice system is failing prison leavers. They explain how they are taking matters into their own hands by creating positive and supportive spaces for former prisoners to live in as they work to reintegrate into society.

Edwina Grosvenor @EdwinaGrosvenor

Find out more about Edwina’s organisation One Small Thing here:

And learn more about Hope Street here:

Steve Gallant QGM @SteGallant

Find out more about Steve’s organisation Own Merit here:

Read Steve’s book The Road to London Bridge here:

Transform Justice

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The Transform Justice podcast is hosted by Penelope Gibbs and Rob Allen and produced and edited by Alexandra Kimmons. With thanks to Mountford Chambers for use of their space.

Photo credit: Michael Coghlan, flickr