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Ep28: Gatekeeping justice – why so few rape cases make it to court

Alexandra Kimmons
15 Dec 2023

Content warning: this episode discusses reporting and court processes for sexual abuse. No graphic descriptions of sexual abuse are included.

Rape is widely acknowledged as one of the worst crimes someone can commit. So why do so few reports of rape result in a conviction?

In this difficult but important episode, hosts Rob and Penelope are joined by criminologist Betsy Stanko OBE and criminal and human rights barrister Kirsty Brimelow KC dive into the intricacies of the reporting and prosecution of sexual assault in the UK. They discuss whether police, the justice system, or juries are failing victims, and what needs to be done to ensure justice.

Betsy Stanko OBE @BetsyTwicks

Read more about Operation Soteria Bluestone here:

Kirsty Brimelow KC @Kirsty_Brimelow

Read Kirsty’s bio here:


Richard Henriques report:—3-sir-richard-henriques-report.pdf

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