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Ep23: Can the judiciary become anti-racist?

Alexandra Kimmons
04 Aug 2023

Abundant evidence shows that the criminal justice system disproportionately impacts minoritised communities, and many reports have made recommendations to tackle discrimination in the courts. Yet racist treatment of lawyers, defendants, witnesses, and even judges by other court actors persists.

In this episode, hosts Penelope and Rob are joined by Abimbola Johnson, barrister at Doughty Street Chambers, and Keir Monteith KC of Garden Court Chambers to discuss institutional racism in the criminal justice system and what steps must be taken for the judiciary to become anti-racist.

Abimbola Johnson @BarristerAbi
Learn more about Abimbola’s work here:

Keir Monteith KC @gardencourtlaw
Read ‘Racial Bias and the Bench’, the report Keir co-authored with Professor Eithne Quinn et al, here:

Further Resources
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