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Ep16: Why can’t police solve more crime?

Crime is going down, but a huge number of police cases remain unresolved
Alexandra Kimmons
16 Feb 2023

Most crime has gone down in recent years, but police have been criticised for not resolving more of the crime that does happen. In this episode, hosts Penelope and Rob ask Richard Horton, retired police officer and prize-winning blogger, and Rick Muir, Director of the Police Foundation, what is preventing police from solving more crime.

We discuss over-reliance on the police in cases better addressed by other public services, exacting recording standards, a changing crime landscape, and whether we should reallocate police funding to social services.

Richard Horton @iofiv
Listen to Richard’s Thin Blue Mind podcast here.
View Richard’s Night Jack blog archive here.

Rick Muir @the_police_fdn
Read the Police Foundation’s strategic review of policing here.

The Transform Justice podcast is hosted by Penelope Gibbs and Rob Allen and produced and edited by Alexandra Kimmons. With thanks to Burges Salmon LLP for use of their space.